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We are a team of creatives and innovators. We combine technology and digital creative art in a tech lab and multimedia studio to support corporates, social enterprises and more, establish their brands, efficiently reach their clients and create their desired impact. We bridge the gap between enterprise and prospect customers, connecting you through digital technologies and adding value to your enterprise.

What we do

Web / Graphic Design, Mobile & Web App Development, Web Domain & Hosting Services, Digital Printing, Serigraphy, Photography, Audio / Video Production, Content Management, Book Printing & Publishing, Printing of Flier, banners, posters, stickers etc, printing of t-shirts, tea cups, umbrellas etc, E-mail Campaign and Shopping Card Development

Our Expertise Areas

Enterprise Branding

Whether you need corporateĀ branding, aĀ brand evaluation, or a brandĀ revitalization, we have processes in place that consistently deliver exceptional results.

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Graphic Designs

At Jongo studios, we use graphics design with visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form.Learn More »

Search Engine Optimization

Our team of SEO experts understand all what it take to make your business and website get seen online buy customers search your products or services.Learn More »

Mobile App Development

We leverage on cutting-edge technologies to keep you more connected to your customers with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.Learn More »

Digital Creative Arts

We areĀ  engaged in design and production of Animation and motion graphics, Video Production Other Content Creation Explainer Videos for effective marketing.Learn More »

Tech Asset Management

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Your brand is your most effective spokesperson.

Usually a prospect has interactions with your brand before they engage with you directly. Whether it is a website visit, an e-mail touch, or a jaw-dropping dimensional mailer, your brand needs to powerfully and accurately convey what you stand for and the value you bring to your audience.

Jongo Studios develops brand images that are consistent with the quality of your organization and solution. Whether you need corporate branding, a brand evaluation, or a brand revitalization, we have processes in place that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Jongo Studios Enterprise Solution

Building a successful business requires more than just the skills and technologies, Our team at Jongo Studios is made of the finest engineers, developers, marketers, graphic designer and project managers who are devoted to the success of your idea (Project)

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