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African Print: CREARTFRIQUE A Brand Which Innovates

African print fabric popularly known as “ankara” and “Dutch wax print” is a vibrant colourful cotton fabric with different patterns, drawings and images printed on it. Where I grew up (Cameroon), the African print fabric is commonly called “wrapper” or “afritude”. The name wrapper as I gather comes from the fact that this fabric was mostly used by our mothers to cover their loins as well as to wrap their babies on their backs while working.

The history of the African fabric is an interesting one. The African print fabric was first industrially produced by textile factories in the Netherlands in the 1800s. This process was originally copied from the Indonesian traditional technique “batik” which was a process of dyeing cloth by using wax-resist techniques. During the colonisation of Indonesia by the Dutch, the Dutch merchants and administrators copied this technique and took it home and began the industrialisation process of making these cloths with less stress unlike the traditional methods.

Unfortunately for the Dutch, their work didn’t get much traction in the batik market but received a warm reception in West Africa. The Dutch wax prints intergrated themselves into African dressing under the names of “Wax Hollandais”, “Veritable Dutch Hollandais” and many other names. The price is subjective to the quality of the fabric and in the days of old, it was mostly worn by men and women of great standing to denote their standing in society.

Today the African wax print has traveled a long way from loincloths and ”wrappers” for babies to stylish brands, trendy and urban styles for both men and women; the possibilities which can be gotten from a twelve yards or six yards of African wax print fabric are endless.

Like me, are you worried on how you can include African wax print into your wardrobe in this 21st century?Then worry not, I have an interesting proposal for you.

Creartfrique is one of the brands which has distinguished itself when it comes to its modern play of the African wax fabric. This brand plays with the African wax print to produce chic, unique and elegant fashion accessories which is leads to a fusion blend of both the african and western cultures. Unlike yesterday, join the African wax print band wagon today by sourcing beautiful accessories from www.creartfrique.com for your wardrobe. Find them on Facebook at https://web.facebook.com/Creartfrique/ .

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