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Back to the home page!? What kind of bad website is this!?

I heard her exclaim just as I walked in. “What’s up?” I asked taking a seat on the couch. The nice fluffy couch.I always just like jumping on it, and feel it absorb my weight. Then she starts talking,“I’ve been on this stupid website for hours trying to sign up and get some notes.Just when I thought I was done,It sends me a random error message and goes back to the home page.I’m having a test tomorrow and this piece of crap website is slowing me down”

-“Ohh,I see you’re dealing with a serious case of  ‘Sitewebdemerdeonorhea’.Thats very bad”

-“I know you think you’re funny, but you’re not. So stop trying so hard. It’s getting sad.”

-“Now you’re  just transferring aggression. It’s not my fault that your school has the worst website known to man”

-“Yeah whatever” she says “I just wished these guys will put a little bit more effort on their web pages”

-“Yeah” I reply “Nothing worse than being in a school with the worst website known to man”

-“Dude, you’ve said it twice already”

-“ha-ha ,I know. Still funny as hell though, and you’re even the president of the students association. But seriously now, have you seen Virgil’s website?

-That stuff is a piece of art. It is so beautiful, and so easy to use.”

-“I’m sure he got it developed by some guy over at Silicon Valley in the US” she says

-“ No actually it was done by a company here, he told me it was developed by these guys at Jongo Studios.

You can check out their webpage at www.Jongostudios.com it can even serve you as a sample.You should recommend them to your school for web development.”

-“Let them, impress me first.”

-“I can guarantee that you will be.”

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