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Digital Marketing: How to develop into sales

Digital Marketing: you have developed the best plan, implemented it , but how do you  reap your ROI.

The end product of every genre of marketing is sales. Assuring these sales is through lead generations. It is one of the most important ways of growing a business. If your digital sales team is unable to follow up on these leads, then your efforts must have been wasted.

The following steps below will teach you how to convert leads;

1. Don’t delay with Leads

Don't delay on leads

Great digital Marketing job. Someone has shown interest in your product/service(s), you take 48hrs to notice the comment. This is like eating your meal when it’s cold.

Leads are precious and can’t wait till the next day. The level of interest for the prospect drops dramatically after one hour, and he or she may have already have moved on to a competitor. It is therefore very important for you to setup an effective routine for handling leads.

2. Always Preach your Product

The Rule of Seven, which says that the amount of sales you are able to generate from a relevant market is directly proportional to the amount of exposure you enjoy with the audience. This means, the more they hear about you, the more likely they are to buy from you. The rule goes even further and states that a prospect needs to hear your message at least seven times before they’ll take action to buy. Seven times! That’s something to thing about.

3. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s

Classification of leads is very important. There are some leads that may express interest in your product/service(s) but are not yet ready to purchase, while others will see your ad and Jump to buy.

There are many other categories. But what is important here is to be able to identify these and put them into separate categories. Next would be to also classify your sales team in the same way.

This makes first impression valuable. This means ; if a potential lead is classified under ‘interested but not ready to purchase’, then the conversion approach would be different from the ‘ready to purchase’ section.

4. Optimize Processes for Speed

The way you organize your sales team in the lead conversion process will be that success tipping point.

It is important to ensure every process is approached using the fastest means possible. This is due to the sentient nature of leads.

To get started with your internal processes, think about the following questions;

  • How do we initiate first contact; by email or phone?
  • Who will register to contact data?
  • At what stage do we register a sale?
  • How do we follow up activities?

5. In Digital Marketing, Warmness does the trick

Lead Nurturing

Don’t worry if you call a prospect and he/she is not yet ready to move forward in the sales process. What is important is there is the interest, you can act on that. Customer care starts before any sale is done. Keep them informed and show them that you care and they are sure to come back to you when they are ready to move to the next step.

6. CRM: Costumer Relationship Management.

Getting better sales could also be influenced by the way you manage already existing costumers.

with a well organised CRM you stand a chance of creating better word of mouth advert which is added advantage.


It is not just about the digital marketing, but the end product ‘sales’. You might spend colossal sums but if you don’t have a well organised sales structure, you won’t be maximizing the potentials enough.


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