Graphic Design as Career choice

Graphic Design : 5 reasons why you should consider it

Graphic Design could be defined as the art of communicating through the use illustrations.

This could also be categorized under communication design. But according to wikipedia the term “graphic design” is used synonymously.

The possibility to recreate perfect communication through illustrations(graphic designs) are endless.

The Satisfaction of your illustrations speaking the “thousand words” is beyond great.

There are many reasons to choose Graphic Designing as a career path , at school, work , and/or privately. But with all these in mind, I will try to break them down into 5, which hopefully, could stir up that hidden passion in you.

Many People who use our graphic design services here at Jongo Studios often marvel at the creativity in every design we produce. This has pushed a great number to reconsider some life choices, one of which is , career choice.

This choice dilemma could come as a result of feeling stuck , or just feeling the need of moving towards something more creative. You too could be in such a situation. If so then why not consider this last quarter of 2019 as that turn-around year.

But before anything, consider the following 5 reasons to become a graphic designer today.

It is about solving problems

What goes contrary to the common though is the fact; Graphic Design is not just about editing or drawing pretty pictures.

It is about problem solving. As a graphic designer, your time would be most spent on solving problems for your client(s).

This too improves you personal problem solving skills.

Solving problems is also part of the learning curve. During your problem solving periods ,  learning would be your daily thing. There would be many challenges you’ll face, discoveries and inventions made and obviously mistakes made (we all do).

Become the Heart of every business

There was a time when the Marketing and Design Departments where both seen as the easily axed ones in times like recessions.

But due to the digital take-over we leave in, these two departments have solidified their places. This then means there is a greater degree of Job security than other professions.

Pick up extra skills from graphic design

When you’ve made your choice to take up Graphic Design as a career, you’ll be faced with some complementary courses during your study. Some of this courses are not graphic design, but are prerequisites needed in the digital business world in which we live in.

Graphic Design is all fun

Have you had to do a job which requires you to get up early?Or one whih you don’t really fancy? If you have, then you must have felt that crazy lazy feeling. That inward groan, just praying for the weekend to be round fast.

Don’t get me wrong, this also happens when you’ve over-worked and need some rest. Point is you are far less likely to hear any of these from graphic designers.

Quite simply, when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Yes, there are challenges, and yes, you’ll have bad days. But overall, you’ll look forward to going to your design studio every day, stretching your creative muscles, and make cool, new things. And who wouldn’t want that?

Being Self employed

This article is for a wide audience, so it’s normal you reading may have a background marred with ills of self-employment.

No matter how hard it is where you are to be self employed, as a graphic designer, you can define your narrative, position and influence. This career path is one filled with creativity. So create your way through to success. All you need is hard work and dedication.

There are many more reasons why you should take up the Graphic Design Career. If you need some more advice, click here.

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