JongoStudios Saves The Day

So I was walking down the street the other day with my own personalized T-shirt I had gotten from Jongo Studios, feeling free, feeling good and minding my business, when lo and behold I see a familiar face. I thought ‘’who is this guy? I think I know him somewhere.’’ So I walk up to the dude and I’m like ‘’Dude, Do I know you somewhere?’’ His face immediately lights up.’’Yeah you do! We went to school together. We were actually best friends from form 1 to 5, and then I changed school”

Then I’m thinking «Why do I not remember? I would remember if we had been best friends». But I don’t want to be rude, so I just play along and keep my thoughts to myself. He says “Sit down dude. Have a drink; let’s catch up on old times.” I sit. What have I got to lose? The dude is buying. 10 minutes later, I remember why I had forgotten about him. That dude always seemed to have all the troubles in the world. No amount of help ever was enough. And 12 years later, he was still the same. Goes to tell you, people don’t really change. So in the same spirit of not being rude, I sit there and listen to him. This time, from the grave look on his face, it seems to be quite a serious Issue. But again, when is it not?

‘’You know I have a fiancée now right?” he asks. “Oh, yeah of Course I know” I said, although I had no Idea what this guy was talking about. Just didn’t want to give him the opportunity to start explaining. “But she’s leaving me Massa.” “Waaah…What happened?” I try to look as interested as I’m uninterested deep inside. And that gives me a very interested look. “You two seemed so happy in your pictures”,pictures I’ve never seen and I have no idea exist. To be honest I have no idea how she even looks.

He starts telling me a very long story. I think I remember a few words from his story like Dragons…Fire…Ice…Vortex…Black hole… Jedi” seemed like he was telling me about a Game of Thrones and star wars cross over movie. Maybe that was just my brain making the best of the boring moment. And I also wasn’t really listening.

At the end I say “Weh that’s so sad”. But I also had to say something constructive. So I ask him “what’s the main problem here?”  He tells me “She says I don’t care enough” At that moment, I felt like maybe I should step in and save his relationship. I mean, I’m not really doing anything at the moment so what the heck. I can write that up as my good deed for the month.

So I ask him “Do you like my T-Shirt?” He says “Actually, I do.The design is very neat and well made. I could not stop looking at it.Very captivating and it looks so real. I felt like I was looking at a 3D image. But what has it got to do with my situation though?”I tell him “It has everything to do with your situation brother. I’m about to tell you how to get your woman back, so pay attention.”

“I got this T-shirt custom made from Jongo Studios in Buea, Those guys are actually pretty amazing as you can see from my T-shirt.” He looked at me with a puzzled look. “Before you ask” I said “they don’t just do T-shirts. They print on Mugs, Caps, Banners, and Posters. Pretty much anything with a surface. Yes, even your face if you’re into that kind of thing. You just go to their website www.JongoStudios.Com and place your order there. Very simple and extremely cheap” I continue “So, Let me drop you this free piece of wisdom. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Get your lady a gift from Jongo Studios. Thank me later, and don’t invite me to the wedding. I hate weddings’’ 

He looks at me, worried as I’m about to leave and asks “Are you sure this will work? Are you sure I’ll find that perfect gift there?” So I throw politeness out the window, Look at him dead in the eye and say “Dude I just saved your relationship and I wasn’t even listening to your story. Just go there. Everyone can find a Love Gift at Jongo Studios”



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    Tchewa Reply

    An eye catching article. Looking forward to working with Jungo Hub in the nearest future.

    January 9, 2020 at 11:35 am

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